54 Main Street
Waterville, Maine

Our Hightail Dropbox

You can securely upload documents to our Hightail Dropbox. Files can be any size. Just click on the Hightail logo to send us your files.

In Person, Email, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Bring your job to us on a flash drive, CD, DVD, or USB stick. You may also email us your files to info@maineprintingservices.com but keep in mind that most internet providers limit sending to 20 megabytes.

File Formats

PDF files are our preference and we prefer the files to be ready to output. PDF files can be created with Acrobat Writer or Distiller, not Acrobat Reader. Do not down sample or compress anything when creating PDF's for output. Make sure all of your fonts are embedded. When sending Pagemaker or Publisher files, make sure all linked graphics are included (do not embed graphics in the file).

Graphic and Layout Requirements

All Bitmap or Line Art Images should be 600 dpi and sized at 100% in your layout program. All color and grayscale images should be saved at 300 dpi also sized at 100% in your layout applications. We feel these guidelines will reproduce your job at the highest quality you have come to expect from SBS/Carbon Copy. If your job is not saved with these guidelines please let us know when submitting your job.